View Full Version : Small but Growing !!

11-24-2010, 03:49 PM
Hi guys

Just to let peeps know that the small but vibrant and friendly community that is HL deathmatch classic is having a bit of a resurgence these days, new servers are going online and a great mod called DMQ [deathmatch quaked] is realy taking off, it makes the game feel a lot more like err quake !! and is a lot of fun, there is also a new website and portal www.deathmatch-classic.com about to be launched which will bring everything HLDM under one roof.

HL deathmatch classic has been around along time and alot of peeps have never even played it, so if you have HL already you prolly have it sitting there, and if not it does'nt cost alot to download, so why not give it a go, the community is friendly and all new players are welcome, many old players are more than willing to give help and advice.........so hopefully see some new faces on the servers, you wont be dissapointed, remember it's not all about having a game with just great gfx, the gameplay has to match it, and in my humble opinion HLDM can mix it with the best of the new FPS..........c u soon i hope :)