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11-25-2010, 03:07 AM
Although our patch back this summer helped fix a lot of the technical errors users were encountering, we still occasionally run into graphics errors. Sometimes they're due to a lack of updated drivers, sometimes they're because we're an indie who hasn't been able to test for every variation of every card.

This is a little guide to fix the #1 error we still see involving graphics--outdated drivers! Yes, really!

If you do not feel comfortable doing it on your own, feel free to email support@isotx.com and we'll walk you through it. We also have technicians available on Skype to talk to you as needed. Basically, we're here to help and we want you to be able to experience Iron Grip: Warlord--however, since graphic card drivers seem to be the source of most problems still seen today, you may want to take a stab at updating your drivers first. Not only is this a good practice for our game, but it's always good to have the latest drivers for other titles. :)

How to Update Video Card Drivers
Download the Update
Go to your Graphics Card manufacturers website, e.g. ATI.com and download the latest drivers for your video card and windows.

Also download a driver cleaner. Here's a good one (http://downloads.guru3d.com/Guru3D---Driver-Sweeper-(Setup)_d1655.html). Driver cleaners to ensure the previous set of drivers are removed fully before installing the new ones. Any driver cleaner should work though if you already have one.

Update Instructions:

Please download both files before starting the update process. Please install the driver sweeper. Printing this email or writing down these instructions is advised.
Now restart your computer. When it is at booting screen (before Windows loading) tap F8. You will want to boot into safe mode.
Once in safe mode, go to device manager (Start>Control Panel>System>HardWare Tab>Device Manager for WinXP, Start>Control Panel>Device Manager for Win Vista & Win 7). Look for "display adapters." You should see your graphics card listed.
Select the card and press "delete" key. Keep pressing "yes" or "OK" until it asks you to restart. Press "no" to restart.
Run the driver sweeper. You should see something like "ATI Graphics" or "ATI Display." Select that one, and press "Clean" in the bottom right corner.
Now restart your computer. Restart it into normal mode. Now it's time to install the new drivers

Windows will probably detect your card and give it a name like "VGA display" or something similar. Don't let Windows look for any drivers as we are about to do it manually.

Go to the new drivers and run the exe. It should launch the installer automatically. It should also automatically detect your card and install properly.

If it asks you to restart, restart. If not you should be OK.

Before trying the game however, go ahead and delete your config.cfg. The game will make a new one, but it will save you the effort of having to change the custom settings. You will have to reset your resolution and keys again though if you've already done that.


In case it doesn't automatically detect your graphics card via the driver installer, it can be done manually.

The exe will have extracted to a directory, something like C:\ATI\SUPPORT\driver#_version\(driver#_version will be something like 7-3_xp_letters_versionnumber) or similar.

You will want to open the device manager again and go to "display adapters." Then double click the entry there. You will want to find the "update drivers" button and click it. Then select "no, don't do it automatically." Then select the Advanced Option. Then select "Display
Adapter." Then select "Have Disk."

Now you want to point it to the local directory where the ATI driver directory is. Press OK. Then you should see a file named CL_####.inf or something similar. Select that.

It should then give you the option of video card. If you get there, you should be A-OK. Justkeep clicking "OK" or "Yes" until it's done. Restart if it asks.

If you have any problems or questions, email support@isotx.com