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12-07-2010, 05:18 PM
To whom it may concern reguarding the Demo version of the game, Star Ruler, a review.

Upon first sighting the game from the online store via steam interface, I found it vastly attractive for its top marketing qualities which I personally enjoy: Describe the play style, show the mechanics, and lead us into a story (which in this case is your own civilization).

So a dive in was necessary, and the tutorial is almost a requirement with the learning curve, but it is well worth a look at. What I could see is a dynamic, prepared and run empire designed by you, the player. From democracy to war, from trade to supply and conquer, this game has the ability to do it all.

And then there's the crashes. It happens to some % of the people playing it, certain video cards have been insinuated, and problems pointed out, yet my PC simply does not like it. I suppose it could be the Demo version, but crashing isn't the only problem I've noticed.

The learning curve is similar to some other very hard to know games that can give the player a real edge, but it also serves as a steep mountain each player must climb. I can only hope there is a lengthy and fun scenario in the real game, which walks the player through aspects slowly, and with objectives.

Learning the controls aside, there is some AI issues. I would like to see the fuel low indicators on the ships, and to know some type of easy salvage option for the ships, as well as easier resource management through guides and other optimization type discussions, of which this game will have many. The real trouble with the AI comes in fleet control and navigation, which is to say 'guessing they will get there eventually' and waiting for the actual AI to behave smartly against aggressive systems (bunching up near the star = not a great idea).

While I'm sure there is much I'm missing or in the dark about in the game, the overall complexity of this game outweighs my desire to play a space-flight strategic game.