View Full Version : ships / turrets selected yet no repair stats?

12-16-2010, 11:31 PM
Hey all, ive noticed one thing ( not sure if theres a toggle or not) with the new expansion and thats when i have a fleet selected or a group of turrets there is no repair status in the fleet listings.
Now unless im mistaken, and there is a way to turn that back on i shall lament a bit cause that was really, really, really handy.

So whats the go here? have i missed something? or has it been removed? and if so, can we please have it back / get a toggle?

Thanks for your time and by the way, the game is looking the bizz.

*edit* also grabbing a few ships and using SHIFT + Control Group no longer adds said ships to said control group :o

*edit2* also my mercenary shipyards are randomly stopping production. I have over 200k energy and almost near 999,999 monehs, yet the merc shipyard will go through a build order untill randomly it finishes building a ship then stops. like its been run out of power OR its run out of resource cap ( electricity/power) i did build a zen gen thingy (400k for -10k resource) at the start of the game, not sure if tht would fk things up.

*edit3* it appears that the mercenary spaceport stops building with the mercenary etherjet tractor ship. everything else builds fine.

12-17-2010, 08:35 AM
Some of those are bugs fixed in the latest beta -- you can update in-game. In the case of the health percentages, that was removed (or more accurately, never ported to the new engine) but it's something we plan to put back. There's a huge big/feature tracker on our site for reports and such of this nature, by the way; but if you want to try the latest beta, most of these were already reported and fixed. The next official will be in January, as a normal steam dowload, etc.

Thanks for your support, and hope that helps!

12-17-2010, 04:59 PM
Hey, Thanks for the reply!
i will go and download the beta updates as suggested, see what happens :)

Thanks again for an awesome game!

*edit* ok i installed the beta updates as suggested now its put me into trial mode and says i need to buy a license key for Light of the Spire.
I deselected LotS in the license key section and the game goes out of trial mode. However when i load my save game it says TRIAL TIME EXPIRED waiting for players.
I verified the game through steam and it put everything back to normal, thank god! I have a spare day for this and the last thing i wanted to do was spend half of it thinking :P
I think i'll wait for the proper patch through steam.

12-18-2010, 02:44 PM
My pleasure! And, glad you're enjoying the game.

I'd still recommend the beta, but one thing that you do need to do is restart the game after it puts you into trial mode if you don't have the LotS expansion. Normally you shouldn't have to do that, but there's a bug that we haven't yet gotten fixed on that specific thing. At any rate, it won't affect you right after you stop the game and start it again. Sorry for the confusion!

And, of course, if you prefer to wait for the official new version, by all means feel free.