View Full Version : I finally connected online-sorry YuPlay-still it's confusing

12-26-2010, 06:00 PM
I did something wrong.


Still the system is still very confusing.

I thought I had the game and the DLC in my purchases link in my Yuplay profile which I logged into from the site.

It said Wings Of Prey-Wings Of Luftwaffe in my purchases tab so I mistakenly thought I had both games activated.

I forgot to activate the MAIN GAME.

So I went back and added the game and then put the activation key in for the main game and then when I started the game,I didn't get any of the activation crap or pc crapping itself.

So ,yes I apologise to YuPlay but it still is a tricky way of activating a game if you aren't used to that system.

Now when I connect online from the mission section,it connects.

Still no players online though but it is working.

One huge migraine gone LOL.:D