View Full Version : Singualtiry quick person review.

01-02-2011, 02:37 PM
So i overlooked this game for a long time, then i played metro 2033 and some one told me singularity was visually more stunning and a better game, i thought it wasn't but it was close, really enjoyable with a good ending.

The beginning wasn't what i expected, once the game started i for sore the one man, alone against the world, fighting for a country that betrayed him' (transformers 2) As i kept repeating that i tried to find something to enjoy, The game lacks fun until you gain the TMD, But once you have it the simple, Age+/- and force push get a little tedious! as well as the Russian accents, a big lack in variety.

How ever the game is visually stunning it leaves little impact on the graphics card or the computer system for that fact.

The main aspect that caries this game is the story line, executed poorly compared to what could have been, it's not amazing nor rubbish whom ever says it's rubbish will still have had a few minutes fun some where no doubt.

A good easter egg i found throughout playing was the Borat easter egg,

''My neighbor, He is a pain in my ♥♥♥ holes.

I get bear made form a fur, he must get a bear made from a fur,
I get a can of meat, He must get a can of meat,
I get e-99 technologies... he cannot afford.

Great success!.''

Oh there is multi player, tho no one seems to be playing.