View Full Version : Company of Heroes:ToV will not patch??

01-06-2011, 06:36 PM
cannot join any games online (apart from a few which confuses me)

because it says "different mod version" (and a few other words but those are the key ones.

the 'relic patcher' says its all patched up and no matter where I start it from it always says that.

I contacted relic support 3 times with no response and steam support said re-install which I had done a few times already so they got me to redo my steamapps folder which didn't help.

please help I have had this issue for a while and have no idea what to do.

(and I have no mods installed sooooo... yeah :) )

AND by the way I have all the CoH ports opened and checked soooo it isn't that ???
I am on vista btw