View Full Version : What is happening ?

01-07-2011, 03:48 AM
I started a game and I don't understand what happened.

First scenario as European side and I get get attacked. Ok.
I get shown a map, where I can see, that the enemy can
attack only from one direction, from north west. Ok
I want to setup my army and get only the north part of the original map. Why ?
I set my units around the north west corner of the map, no need to defend areas where no enemy can come to.
I know, the enemy can come only from the west.
I get attacked from the east.
I decide to first crush the main army, then kill the rest:
I move my whole army to the north west corner.
No one there. ("Imagine, there is war, and no one goes there...")

So, can someone tell my why

I get only the north part of the map ?
there was no army in the west ? Where the only spawn point is.
there was an army in the east ? Where no spawn point is.