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01-08-2011, 10:32 PM
Had a short lasting epiphany while browsing through the games library section, not too long ago, and figured I'd see what other people thought :p

In short, another right-click entry on games in library, where you can write up a note regarding the game. Might not seem like much, but would be a small help in many cases. For example, I've got several older games on Steam, where I've got to do a few things to get them working properly, such as running them in compatibility mode.
Other uses could be for mentioning / linking to mods, add-ons, upgrades, etc for the games, to give a small reminder on how to improve them.

Currently I've got 150+ games, and could probably write useful notes for 20-30 or even more of 'em. Like the old Commandos collection, or free mods to Mass Effect 2 at BioWare's sites.

To make the most of it, one could also add a option to see whether or not a game already has notes, like with the cloud icon available in 'List' mode. And regarding storage space, there could just be a character limit.
With 140 characters, it wouldn't take more than 10.5GB (In a Windows text document), if each client (30 millions?) wrote for 20 games (And I think that's stretching it a bit :))

Any suggestions or thoughts, regarding it? :)

01-09-2011, 03:00 AM
Yeah, would be a nice thing. I'd use that for in-game information, some games require alot of notes without providing internal means.