View Full Version : EU server launchtime?(Scandinavia)

01-11-2011, 06:43 AM
Im in Norway, and everyone here has diffrent times, whats the time gonna be in Norway roughly? I tried HARD to figure out the timezones, but US has like 10 of em, we only have GMT.

If im correct servers here are gonna launch at 4 in the afternoon?

01-11-2011, 06:48 AM
Just go here
type in a date and it will tell you that date in all timezones and cities

Yes official Start is 1600 CET (1500 GMT) but i'm not sure if thats only for american servers.

Additionally SoE is not famous for smooth starts so expect several down times and login problems at start.

01-11-2011, 06:53 AM
15-16 sounds about right, and i not crossing my fingers here because i KNOW sumthin will go horribly wrong the first couple hours, probably downtime at launch:P

thank for the link