View Full Version : Should I get this even if not a fan of MMO's?

01-12-2011, 10:17 PM
I have never been the biggest fan of MMO's; COH, WOW, SWG, EQ2 I have tried them all and they all had varying strengths but none of them had gameplay I would call fun. I am also not a fan of MMO's in general, the ridiculous amount of time it takes to do some meaningful dungeons has always been a turnoff. So does the gameplay of DCUO make it fun to play for a casual player? And what else makes this better than WOW (Other MMO's).

01-12-2011, 10:45 PM
the point is, what gamey you like. I donīt think DCUO feels like an MMO, but thats not a compliment. You have to search much, imagine much, read in the Forum, (ingame chat is crap so it wonīt help much), many options are not explained, maybe this (http://www.dcuniverseonline.com/gameguide/pc/) will help a bit.

The game.. you find a guy who gives you a job, normally:

kill X of [bla], collect y of [blub]

you fly to the point on the map, maybe you have to search, then you kill, collect, go back to the guy and collect the reward. This you do again. and again. and again. and..

The fights: you have an crosshair you aim on what you want to figt, press TAB to lock the crosshair, then you have Combos (you get more in the game, you can choose which you like), short attack, range attack, special abilities on button 1-6.. nothing with Headshots or stg, its just combo (left mousebutton loing, right short to kick an enemy for example), like in Devil may cry, but DmC is way better i think.

This game is surely noit as complex as an normal MMO, on the other hand you will miss much options like abandon a quest, reset your controller, a good chat function (the chat is unbelieveable bad), on all corners you see itīs made for PS3. Take a look at Youtube Videos if you like the fights and the settings, i think itīs the best you can do.

And beware, this game has A LOT of "Fans", who will tell you every bug is a feature ;)

01-12-2011, 10:55 PM
Listen, if u like games like Prototype, Infamous, one of the open world Spiderman games, GTA even, this game is more of that style.

The combat doesnt have much dice rolls, only when it comes to amage dealing and some magic skill use, other than that this game is a straight on ACTION Online Fighter MMO(thats a mouthful). There is a targetsystem that only locks ur character on target, but it still doesnt mean everything u throw at them will hit, only magic,but that also sumtimes physically misses.

If u dont like anyof the Traitianl MMO's, dont worry, this one is NOTHING like em, i say go for it. Check out some videos first, i dont want u to throw money away just incase, i lost to APB, and i want u to do some research before u commit.

01-12-2011, 11:00 PM
uh, GTA is extremely diferent. Both have a City, then it ends. GTA has very good Story, Characters, Quests, DCUO is FAR away from that quality level.

01-12-2011, 11:08 PM
uh, GTA is extremely diferent. Both have a City, then it ends. GTA has very good Story, Characters, Quests, DCUO is FAR away from that quality level.

Nono u misunderstood, i know GTA has a better story and so on, i meant the gameplay aspect of it, it's a thirdperson open world with missions and currency, GTA is a singeplayer based game so they have more room for a good story. Both have the same gameplay structure, even tho they are completely diffrent genres.

All im saying, it's worth a try. It's very much like Prototype tho, and i loved that game.