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01-13-2011, 08:09 PM
I just got the closure achievement and thought i had finished the game...

But I keep reading about collecting stars?!

Why is there no mention of stars in the game, no achievement for it? meant to be very hidden?

Anyway, without spoilers, can somebody explain what they are and why they exist, how you found out they exist, etc.

Thanks.. what an amazing game.

01-13-2011, 09:28 PM
They are more for flavor, if you collect them all, an imagine will appear in the night sky that is somewhat connected to the main story, but it will only make sense if you understand metaphors.

01-15-2011, 08:43 AM
Through my whole time of completing braid, I never found a single star? how did we even find that they exist? are they much harder to find than solving the puzzles? or is it just because they arent puzzles to be solved we just move on and dont look for it?

01-17-2011, 01:44 AM
Through my whole time of completing braid, I never found a single star? how did we even find that they exist? are they much harder to find than solving the puzzles? or is it just because they arent puzzles to be solved we just move on and dont look for it?

What a coincidence! I've been writing a star guide!

Well, the stars are really out of the way. As in, outside of the visible portions of the levels. You need to do a whole bunch of crazy crap in order to do them. Like putting puzzle pieces in specific locations so shapes match up, or headbutting enemies multiple times so they bounce onto platforms, or jumping onto a jumping rabbit to get to a platform you can't even see, or standing in one spot for two hours. srsly.

Collect them all and you get an alternate ending.

IMPORTANT NOTE THOUGH: One of the stars (you'll know which one when you get it) is impossible to get once you've assembled World 3's puzzle. You still can collect all of the puzzle pieces, and you still can assemble all of the other puzzles, just don't put any of World 3's puzzle pieces together. If you already have, well, at least you know where everything is when you restart the game.

The first star is in the house. On the top left of World 3's puzzle frame, there should be something that looks like the top of a star. The corners of the first puzzle piece from 3-3 (Phase) and the piece right above where you enter 3-6 (Irreversible) also look like parts of a star. Arrange them to form the star (they won't line up exactly, and there will be space between the puzzle pieces) and when you get it right (it may/will take you several tries) the star should appear.
To get to it, first use the piece from 2-3 (Hunt!) and the first piece from 2-4 (Leap of Faith) to make a platform (you've probably already done this). Put it on the bottom right of the puzzle frame and jump onto it. Jump. At the apex of your jump, press Up and move the platform up a bit, then land on the platform. Repeat until you can jump on top of the wall between World 2's room and World 3's room. Do so, then grab the star.
Note that if you've already assembled those two pieces from World 3's puzzle together you can't get it without restarting the game. That's why I recommend you get this one first.

The second star is in 2-2 (The Cloud Bridge), but you need to enter the level via 2-3 (Hunt!). Make your way over to the far left side of the level where the door is. Jump on top of the cannon, then on top of the door (this is why you had to enter from the right).
Notice how there's a cloud on the right side of the level? That cloud is moving very slowly. Wait approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes until the cloud is at a point where you can jump onto it (if you miss, just rewind, though note that it's still slow at 8x). From there, wait approximately 15 minutes more until you're at the far left side of the stage. Jump onto the ledge, and grab the star.

The third star is in 4-5 (Movement By Degrees). Remember how you got the puzzle piece on the right? Well, first stand where that puzzle piece is, then repeat the process again, only this time, instead of jumping from the platform at the top of the ladder to the platform where the puzzle piece is, you're jumping from that platform to the ledge above you. (You'll need to move backwards by using the Shift key, not by going left. This will let you get back on top of the puzzle piece platform; from there, just use the monster as a springboard and jump up to the ledge.)
From there, repeat the process again, only instead of getting to a higher ledge, get the monster on top of the puzzle piece platform and use him as a springboard to jump onto where the piranha plants are.
From here, you'll need to manipulate the piranha plants to guide the enemies over so that you can use them as springboards to jump over the piranha plants and eventually onto the cannon. (You may need to actually jump onto one of the piranha plants in order to get another piranha plant in the right position. Just jump onto the piranha plant, pause time (Shift+Up, or just rapidly tap Shift) until the monster is past that piranha plant, then rewind to safety.)
Once you're on the cannon, use a monster as a springboard to reach the platform above you and grab the star. (Don't worry, the star has the green glow so you can't lose it.)

The fourth star is in 4-7 (A Fickle Companion). Grab the key, go oup the first ladder, and stand on top of the cannon that's firing monsters. Jump down and kill the monster at the bottom, then rewind so you're standing on the cannon again. Jump on top of the monster that it fires out, then while you're in the air, freeze time until it fires out another monster. Then bounce on that monster; the double-bounce should be enough to get you on top of the platform above the cannon. (You should still be holding the key.)
From there, move to the right and jump down. When you go back to the left you should see that the key is now on top of the platform. (If you go to the left far enough, the key will drop down from the platform. If this happens, you'll need to rewind using Shift.) Kill the monster so that another one fires out. Before it fires out, however, you're going to wnat to go to the platform directly to the right of the cannon, jump over to where the cannon is, and freeze time in mid-air at a point where the monster will bounce on your head when it comes out of the cannon. Once this happens, immediately rewind so that you're standing on the platform to the right of the cannon, then jump so that the monster makes its second bounce, on top of your head, while you're at the apex of your jump. This will give it enough height to get onto the platform where you've conveniently left the key. This is hard to do; it will take you several tries.
Note that from here on out, you are not to kill that enemy, or else you'll have to do that again. Don't even take a chance at jumping over him; just let him kill you, then rewind using Shift and by that time he'll have passed you.
Now, rewind until you're back on the platform where you left the key. (The monster should be carrying it. If you're carrying it, let the monster kill you and grab the key, then rewind.) Stand slightly to the left of the ladder, then go slightly up and back down the ladder. This way, you're in a position where not only are you facing right, but you can climb up the ladder by pressing Up without having to move in either direction. This is because for what you need to do, wasting time moving right could get you killed, and moving left will make you drop the key. (IIRC, the monster also needs to be on your right, but I'm not sure.)
Now, you'll need to take the key without killing the monster. To do this, wait for the monster to ram into you. Right before he does, you should hear the "ping" that indicates that you now have the key. Immediately after you hear this "ping", run up the ladder, unlock the door, flip the switch, and run all the way to the right to move the barrier. Make sure the monster is on the right side of the barrier (wait for him to return if he's on the left side) then run back (the barrier should close; this is why the monster needs to be on the right) and go back down the ladder.
From here, make sure the monster is carrying the key (if you're carrying the key, let the monster kill you and grab it, then rewind). Then, rewind using Shift until just after you've flipped the switch. From here, run to the right to open the barrier, wait for the monster to get to the left of the barrier, then run back, closing the barrier. Jump to where the monster is, being careful not to kill it.
From here, you'll need to take the key up the next ladder. You can do this either the same way you did the last key, or you can do it by killing the monster, provided that the monster is to the left of the ladder when you kill it. Once you've done that, unlock the door, run to the right all the way off the edge of the platform, and grab the star.

The fifth star is in 5-4 (Crossing the Gap). It's similar to the last star, but a lot easier because the monster is purple now instead of green. Because of this, you can just rewind time, let the monster bounce off your ghost clone's head while positioning yourself for a second bounce on your head, then rewind time again so that the monster does the second bounce while you're getting into position for a third bounce, etc. Also, if you mess up, you can just rewind.
Get to the switch as you usually would, wait a bit, flip it, and drop down and kill the monster. Rewind so that you're standing next to the switch.
Once your ghost clone kills the monster, a new one should pop out of the cannon. When it is close to the edge, drop down so that the monster bounces on your head when it walks off the platform, just like in the last star. Now, rewind again so that you're standing next to the switch.
From here, you should position yourself so that after the monster bounces off your ghost clone's head, it lands on your head. Rewind so that the monster does that second bounce off what is now your ghost clone's head, while getting into position for a third bounce, etc. It's similar to the strategy for 5-6 (Lair).
Your eventual goal is to get him to bounce off the left edge of the platform where the second puzzle piece is, so that he's now moving to the left. Then, get him on top of the platform where the first puzzle piece is. (Note that you may need to jump before he lands on you to give him extra height, and that you can rewind if you mess up.)
Once he's there, a new monster should inexplicably come out of the cannon. Here, repeat the steps for getting to the first puzzle piece, then use the monster as a springboard to get to the platform above that platform. From here, it's a simple matter of jumping from platform to platform and grabbing the star.

The sixth star is in 6-5 (Impassible Foliage). Run all the way to the right (ignoring the vertically moving bar) to where the second puzzle piece is (where the three piranha plants are killing the monsters). Use your ring to get all three plants in sync so that they're down at the same time, then freeze time so that the monsters can pass (make sure you've picked up the ring). From there, jump on the monsters to where the puzzle piece is.
Walk to the right edge of the platform and wait for all three piranha plants to go down again, then jump and freeze time in midair. Wait for a bunch of monsters to pass, then unfreeze time so that you land on one of them and can bounce off of another in order to get to the platform above.
Once there, move to the left. You should notice a platform below you, to the right of which is the star. Place your ring roughly above the halfway point of that platform, then drop down to the left so you're standing on top of the cannon.
From here, you'll need to jump on a monster in mid-air, then bounce on a second monster (also in mid-air) in order to get to that lower platform (the reason you placed the ring is so that you can get enough air time for the cannon to fire again). It takes a lot of trial and error; you can use small rewinds to adjust your angle, or how much air time you get (how close you are to the ring). Note that you need to hit the second monster when it's pretty close to the cannon or else you won't get enough height.
Once you're on that lower platform, simply run to the right and off the platform (don't jump!) and you'll grab the star.

The seventh star is in 6-6 (Elevator Action). Go up the ladders with the fireball cannons, go down where the key is, but do not kill the bunny[i] (rewind if you do). Once the bunny is on the elevator, hit the switch and take him up to the top. From here, you need to get on top of the time-immunity platform that's offscreen above the right third or so of the platform you're on; there are two different routes you can take.
The first, and IMO the easiest, is to find where the left edge of the time-immunity platform is by bouncing on the bunny, seeing where you hit your head and where you don't, and rewinding afterwards each time. Once you've figured out where that is, you need to coerce the bunny into doing a jump attack that will allow you to jump on top of it at its apex in order to get onto the time-immunity platform.
For the second route, you'll need to go back down as you would normally (don't worry if the bunny goes down with the elevator). Then, repeat the steps for getting the second puzzle piece, up until the first ladder drop. Climb the ladder you dropped, then stand on the platform to get time immunity. Rewind until a split second before the ladder drops, then jump onto the ladder before it hits the ground and rewind again until the ladder is locked back in again at the top (if you time it right, you have just enough time to do this before your time immunity wears off). Once here, go to the left and you should be on the time-immunity platform I mentioned earlier. Stand here and rewind until the bunny appears.
Now that you've done this, you need to use the bunny as a springboard when he's at the apex of a jump attack in order to get to the star. There are two ways to do this.
One way involves prepwork beforehand: when you're on top of the fireball-ladder-thing with the bunny, coerce him into doing a jump attack about halfway between the time-immunity platform and the switch (this works out to about one Tim-width right of the ladder). Then, when you're on the time-immunity platform, rewind until he's just about to do that attack (i.e. you can see his teeth) and jump, bouncing off of him in midair and getting on top of the platform where the star is.
For the other method, once you're on the time-immunity platform, jump down and coerce him into doing a jump attack about halfway between the time-immunity platform and the switch (this works out to about one Tim-width right of the ladder). Then rewind until you're back on the time immunity platform, then, [i]without letting go of Shift, fast-forward until he's just about to do that attack (i.e. you can see his teeth). (Because you have time immunity, you can fast-forward without moving; this is why you need to not let go of Shift.) From here, jump, bouncing off of him in midair and getting on top of the platform where the star is.
Note that the star is green, so you can safely rewind now without losing it.

The eighth star is in 1-1 (Braid) and it requires all seven other stars to be collected. Run through the stage as normal, but now that you've collected all 7 other stars, the two switches you need to hit are green and glowing. Once you hit the second of those switches, rewind all the way back to before the first switch. This will allow you to ignore and run past both of those switches, buying you extra time.
Run to where the chandelier is, and jump on it as it goes up and something will happen. That something, which I'm not even going to reveal to you in a spoiler tag, is what I meant by "alternate ending".
After this, go up the ladder, run to the Princess's room and grab the star. Then, run all the way back to the left, taking the Princess's path, and open the door and the epilogue should play as normal.
Note that these switches will not be green and glowing when you play this level in the future, meaning that you can only see the alternate ending once. Also, after collecting all eight stars, check the constellation outside the house (you can leave the house through World 2's room) and see what it is.

01-21-2011, 10:21 PM
I found the stars to be a lot of fun to collect, they add quite a bit of replay value to the game. As a final touch, once you have collected all of the stars, try pressing up when you're below the constellation, it's a minor change, but still cool.

08-07-2011, 06:15 PM
I just completed Braid.
After a LOOOOT of frustration, I finally made it all on my own!
Man, the satisfaction of completing such a puzzling game was one of the best I've gotten in a LONG time!
I got so PROUD of myself! :)

Then I found out about the stars... :P
Man... I didn't even have a clue there WERE stars in this game!
And boy are they hard to get.

How the hell can people figure this out by themselves? :s

08-10-2011, 04:02 PM
"...Wait approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes until the cloud is at a point where you can jump onto it.. "

Wow, how did anyone find this one...it's absurb, having to wait for so long lol.:p

08-20-2011, 07:43 AM
I also accidentally found out they exist after the fact. How the ♥♥♥♥ did anyone ever find out they existed, or where to look for them? I set to it though, I did write down all the worlds they were in, but didn't look at the walkthroughs how to get them. I now have the first 3, all on my own, I know where the fourth one is, and roughly how to get it, but I spent about an hour on it yesterday, and I just can't do it, in terms of pressing the right buttons at the right time...

Since I did find the first three on my own, to answer AfterstarX question;

I started looking for anything without a function in the levels the stars were supposed to be in, or any way to get further up (thinking of prince of persia of old; the secret compartments are always up, in places you least suspect). The trick is in watching without presumptions, or assumptions, much as when you're trying to draw something truthfully. To look and see as analytically as possible, I drew the objects without previous function, described them to myself etc. At some point I noticed the cloud did no longer perfectly align with the tree it aligned with before. I re-entered the world, and it was back in it's original position. I then tried to do things with the cloud at any point in the level it could be reached, read Game of Thrones, and baked two breads in the mean time, waiting for it to travel to the next likely spot, until I found the star all the way on the other side. The normal response would be: you have too much time on your hands! And you're right, but since I sprained my ankle badly in a traffic accident I can only do things sitting, so why not right :P.

08-21-2011, 12:54 AM
The guy that made the game hates achievements and thinks they are stupid. He thinks you should play and explore a game because its fun, not to complete a checklist are arbitrary goals.

The achievements in the game are there just to appease Microsoft, as the game was first released on Xbox Live and all their games have to have achievements.

08-27-2011, 06:26 AM
For a short game, getting all the stars is hard a hell.....

08-27-2011, 08:00 PM

a video with the 8 stars

08-29-2011, 12:57 AM
Maybe there is not achievements with stars because lots of walkthoughts are in the internet) and it's not interesting...