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01-16-2011, 04:56 PM
I just purchased Pound of Ground after much deliberation, including reading IGN's review (and that normally good site should be ashamed of that review, it told little or nothing of gameplay and whined the entire page they devoted to PoG).

Here are my thoughts:

The translation is rather poorly done, but seems largely intentional, as if the writers wanted to emulate a badly done SyFy movie and then it worsened coming through localization. The voices are rather agonizing at times, but Majer's voice actor actually isn't too bad. Since he's the one you have to listen to most of the time, that works.

Gameplay is smooth as silk. Really a lot of fun. And no, I don't work for the company. It's simple controls for simple gameplay, but this game reminds me of Zombie Shooter or Alien Shooter in that you are simply smacking zombies around for the sake of smacking zombies around.

The story is abysmal, and/or not present. I'm not sure. Mostly an incredibly ugly farmer hits on you and an absent-minded scientist/mechanic is absent-minded, at least so far.

NOW. Despite my fairly positive impression, I would certainly recommend AGAINST buying this game. There is no adequate save system. There is an autosave that updates every time you advance the story a healthy little bit, and there is an end-of-chapter save for each chapter. I am sorry, but this is absolutely archaic and incompetent. I cannot believe that an otherwise excellent sandbox game is completely limited by such a stupid save system. I would like to explain something to the developers, and I really hope that friendly fellow reads this - YOU MADE A SANDBOX GAME. You did. Good for you. That's why I bought it, to shoot zombies in an arcade style as much as and as long as and whenever I want. DO NOT LIMIT ME TO SAVING WHEN I ADVANCE THE STORY. For goodness sakes, this is stupid. I enjoy your game, I really do. But I do not want to spend an hour or more wandering around, having fun knocking off zombies, then attempt the next bit of the storyline, and get my ♥♥♥♥ handed to me, and restart. If I don't want to continue the storyline, please for the love of all that is holy don't make me.

I propose a simple solution: Simply add some sort of marker I can walk to that updates the autosave. I really hope that could be done. It would be a proper solution to the problem, and I could then with good conscience recommend this game. Until then, I would advise anyone curious to stay away from Pound of Ground.

EDIT: Actually, I found the manual and I'd like to clarify something it says. Does the autosave update every time you change areas? That would be more than sufficient. The wording isn't particularly clear and I haven't noticed it actually doing so.

02-03-2011, 07:55 AM
Yes, you're right, save system is a bit archaic. But even autosave on exit could bring some other problems (like saving in some inappropriate moment). It would be best way to have some kind of safe-house, where the hero would appear after loading savegame (as in other sand box games), but the story isn't ready for this (it sometimes needs to lock player in some set of areas).

So the savegame on location change was obvious choice and you can use exits as the savegame. Also some other actions leads always to saving the game (like visiting Chenda anytime).

We apologize for incovenience.