View Full Version : um i cant walk foward

01-16-2011, 10:20 PM
Sounds kinda silly.. But i can sometimes only take a few steps forward using W.. then he will just stop. Most of the time he will not walk forward at all.

If i keep tapping W.. he will walk.

But im not going to play the game like that, wtf

Any ideas?

01-16-2011, 10:21 PM
Bind the move-forward function to a different key, and see if it gives you the same problem.

01-16-2011, 10:45 PM
I just had the same issue...my xbox360 controller was taking over the controls..though the movement stick (left stick) is slightly off center...dunno what the deal was, but using it for a second and my KB controls were just fine the rest of the time I played. Unplug your gamepad...or do what I did above when it happens. It seems you can use either KB or GP, but cannot disable the gamepad, at least in game...so it can interfere which is a minor annoyance.

01-16-2011, 11:15 PM
That sounds about right Kursah, i do have a gamepad plugged in.

Cheers all