View Full Version : Lag/bad framerate

01-24-2011, 05:10 AM
I recently bought GW:RE and was kind of disappointed with how the game ran. I have a good machine (Core 2 Duo 3GHz, 4gig ram, 8800GTS512) and the game doesn't run particularly well. With Vsync turned on (default) the game runs at 60fps most of the time but drops when there is a lot going on (i have not gotten far in so can imagine it would be bad at high scores). This is to me baffling considering how the game looks (it's pretty but shouldn't be technically taxing).

With vsync on you get the small delay between input and action on screen which is undesirable, but when I turn Vsync off the game runs much worse. It's not terrible but certainly not an enjoyable experience. I've tried setting affinity to using one core only but that did not help. Is there something I can do to improve performance, or is the game just poorly optimized for PC?

01-26-2011, 04:14 PM
You might want to try updating your drivers, directx , ect. I havent had any issues on multiple systems.

i7 quad with a 6850 runs without issues but my 1.3ghz c2d netbook with a gt335 also plays it without a problem either. Both run it at the same settings except resolution, 1920x1200 for the desk and 1366x786 for the netbook.

Ive also run it on various other combinations of hardware without a problem. The lowest thing ive tried it on is a 9600gso which is less powerful than your 8800gts512 by a fair margin.

I havent tried it on a 8 series card directly so perhaps it and 8 series doesnt get along? But that doesnt seem right since the 8 , 9, 100s, and 200s are all the same things baring the 260 and higher and ive tried it on 9s and 200s.

Edit : The cpu paired with the 9600gso is a lauch 1.8 c2d