View Full Version : Weird Water Behaviour

01-27-2011, 06:26 PM
Hi again

I was about to finish a level when i suddenly got stuck with a weird problem, prop_physic objects stay on top of water motionless, they do bounce around when touchin 'em but when not there is absolutely no movement, also when walkin' around in water theres no feet-splash noise as always, there is sound when u jump in and out of water, or throw prop in it, here r some pix:

http://i.iimmgg.com/images/is5th/9f88ec671648bb1b85368de6037aa97e.jpg (http://www.iimmgg.com/image/b1b295ea62ecb1962f2bf00f202cc47b)

http://i.iimmgg.com/images/is5th/97eb97b40c948c795f0ecf8f70f97597.jpg (http://www.iimmgg.com/image/5fe84c1f2cf7136b060ae1c9e7b7eace)

As far as i remember in HL2 prop_physic objects do water-bouncing when on water surface and do kinda sink in it all the time..

I already tried changing water textures, but still got the same problem, if anyone had the same problem and fixed it please post me how to solve it! thx!