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01-28-2011, 01:02 AM
Note: Merely my sleep starved opinions and interpretation. Make your own.

This 'game' is definitely something special. I've only played as Ginger so far (and not even collected the vast majority of her items) and I love it. There's a certain undefinable quality present which I think I've only ever found before in music and The Void. I know I'm not exactly being the most descriptive here, but the devs get a big thumbs up from me, as well as the assurance that I'll be looking through their other games and purchasing any that even remotely appeal to me :)

I get the impression that Ginger has a rather contradictory personality. She shows the urge to express herself, yet also hide away from the view (judgement?) of others. The innocence she displays when with her 'wolf' is very nicely juxtaposed with the rainy 'walk of shame' just afterwards. The design of the house with all the cage-mesh like surfaces seems to represent her feeling trapped by societies 'cage'. I absolutley love the butterfly wallpaper in her bedroom (?) inside the house, and the fact that their wings could be seen as either eyes or a mask is brilliant, whether intended or not. The ending puzzled me somewhat, although I think I partially understand it as trying to break free through self harm (after more eyes in the wallpaper.) What happened to her grandmother though? I also don't perceive the other girl as being her wolf. It's either society as a whole, or perhaps she is her own wolf?

Fake Edit: Will I get the opportunity to play as her again?

Real Edit: Okay, I absolutely adore the fact that death is a sort of payable extra in The Graveyard.

01-28-2011, 03:10 AM
You will get the opportunity to play her again agfter you've finished the game. You can replay as often as you want.

BTW, nice thoughts. I've been thinking about the girls' personalities alot and this is an awesome interpretation, thanks dude!

01-29-2011, 02:03 AM
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I also don't perceive the other girl as being her wolf. It's either society as a whole, or perhaps she is her own wolf?

Maybe it helps if you don't see the wolf as the enemy! But instead as the thing that one (secretly) desires (that's how we tend to interpret Little Red Ridinghood). Maybe you don't know that you desire it. Or you know it is forbidden. And maybe that's why you desire it. It's the thing you desire despite knowing that it is bad for you. But maybe sometimes it's good to be bad.