View Full Version : Finish the library handling system before adding stuff like screenshot update

01-31-2011, 03:50 PM
Yes, the screenshot function is great. Absolutely. I love it.

But seriously, when are you going to actually finish the category system? We have been waiting for basic UI functions since you ditched the tag system, and nothing is happening.

*You still canīt add/remove more than one game at a time from a category.
*You still canīt rename a category.
*You still canīt reorder categories.
*You still canīt drag&drop games from a category to another one.
*You still canīt get a plain alphabetical list in your library once you have started using categories, unless you use the grid view.
*You still canīt filter your games on your own categories.

That you wonīt implement all of them, fine, I can of course understand that. But that you have nothing of this, and you donīt show any signs of even acknowledging that any of it matters, even though itīs so very basic functions in a UI, thatīs really bad.

The UI update was supposed to be helpful to those with large game libraries. But in this state, it really isnīt.

By all means, give us fun, welcome functions like the screenshot update, but donīt forget the basics because of such things.