View Full Version : Manhattan bug?

02-03-2011, 11:00 AM
Hallo all!

Well I love the campaing of ArmA II, but when I got to Manhattan, I only have 2 objectives left... Arrest Lagushina and Insurgent Leader.

Now, the Insurgent Leader IS NOT in the base, where it should be.

And Lagushina IS NOT in front of the church NOR in Olsha.

I've restarted the mission many many many times and it's always the same, those 2 objectives :o:o!

02-27-2011, 03:20 AM
The leader is in the base, which you have to destroy. Find his body and search it.

Lagushina moves between three villages, check the diary, there is her day schedule, what she does and when, where she goes.