View Full Version : Petition for a Call of Duty 2 WRM Server.

02-09-2011, 08:19 PM
We here at Wicked Angels want to get a Call of Duty 2 Realism Server based off of Wolfbanes Realism Mod (WRM) and have an active community around it.

Servers like 1stSF/SS never have people in it and we want to see if there is still a nice dedicated group of people who would like to play realism

WRM features

•Modified damage, effective range, ammo distribution, and rate of fire for all weapons
•All console junk removed (grenade indicators, floating objective pointers, etc.) except compass red dots, which can only be removed client-side
•Removed zoom for all weapons except snipers
•Adjustable fall damage
•Detailed messages for kills
•Weapons drop on hand or arm hits
•Chance of players making pain and death cries
•Teamkill monitor and enforcer
•Bleeding from wounds except falling damage
•Impact view 'quakes' (more damage, more quake)
•Weapons lowered at spawn to prevent spawn-firing and when damage is taken from falling
•Spawn protection

•Use Key Magic (Menu system)
•Bandaging for yourself or a close teammate (Use Key Magic)
•Discard weapons (Use Key Magic)
•FPS toggle (Use Key Magic)

If we can receive over 50 signatures we will get a WRM server up and running!