View Full Version : Mission and Benchmark won't start

02-12-2011, 08:13 AM
This game works fine on my 5870 vidcard, no problems installing or anything else yet.

Now the problem is two of my buddies have systems with a 1950pro AGP and thinking of buying this. My old system is the same so I thought I'd give it whirl and see how it goes.
Well.. it starts, I can configure all options but when I start a new mission the first background screen comes up and that's it. It just hangs with the audio doing a low jet groan. Same thing with the ingame benchmark, it starts and hangs right away.
It's important to note a couple weeks ago we all tried the standalone benchmark and the same thing, it passes the hardware test with green checkmarks but trying to start the benchmark just hangs.

The 1950pro has the latest legacy driver installed (10.2) updated from 9.12 which is the one thing I did when it didn't start. I've checked the event viewer and there's nothing relating to the game.
Oddly the ingame readme suggests in only supports HD2000 and up Radeons, whereas Steam's store page says X1600 and up.

So I'm at a loss and would appreciate any insight.