View Full Version : Combat in Risen1. how deep is it?

02-22-2011, 02:02 PM
im really new to risen 1.
i just learned to to c parry. im really at my second hour of the game.

what im wondering is how deep is the combat later in the game.
for me right now is just blocking and trying to side-dodge and occasionally doing a 3 hit combo. doing a parry is fun but seems pointless as it's easier to block and attack afterward.

1) does the combat become deeper later in the game? do i get more types of attacks with swords? more maneuvers? block breakers or anything of that sort? do my enemies become more sophisticated? does the combat become more tactical than how it is in the beginning?

2) i read something about timing the combo clicks. is it true that with timing i can make a faster combo?

3) also the game prompted me to hold "attack" for a stronger attack. not only that holding "attack" doesnt do anything (probably at a later level?) i wonder if it's just a normal attack but stronger how maybe the stronger attack goes through blocks?!...

4) is there something that can be done against enemies that block? can enemies do something against my own block if im just holding the shield up?

5) what is the difference between fighting with a shield and without? is there any advantage to one of these option over the other?! all i could gather is that shield can block monsters while a weapon cant. is that all the difference there is?

6) can i somehow know how each level of sword-fighting will improve my combat? before i invest in learning a skill i want to know how i will get better with that skill before i shell out XP to it. can it be done in Risen?

7) if im getting Parry-ed , what can i do to avoid the next incoming attack? IS there anything that can actively be done?

02-22-2011, 08:10 PM
You have too many questions that you'll learn fast by playing. You can ask a million questions about how to swim, only way you'll know for sure is to do it.

It's true for most of what you're asking. Fighting two handed gives more range than one. I don't know why the game prompts you to hold anything, you won't have that move till much later. This charge move doesn't exist in the Gothic series and it's overpowered.

02-23-2011, 12:40 AM
i know im asking for a lot, it's just that im looking for some motivation. i've played about 2 or 3 hours and im progressing really slowly. i read that the game evolves slowly but this is ridiculous :P 2.5 hours in the same marsh constantly talking to ppl who are too lazy to walk 10 feet to talk to eachother. jeeze. i am just wondering why i should bother with the game that has really mediocre graphics, horrendous animations, tiny world, decent voice acting and conversation quests that give no action. and i gain money in a snails pace

the only thing i was hoping for is a decent combat and it DOES seem like the combat will be better, i was just curious as to how.