View Full Version : A Couple of Questions about Witcher 2 can someone help me?

02-22-2011, 05:46 PM
I have brought the Witcher 2 Digital Premium Edition from Steam, but I own the Original Witcher 1 game as the Retail Physical version.

I need to know, if anything from the previous version of the Witcher 1 is going to effect the Witcher 2 ?

I only ask, as I brought the Mass Effect games from Steam and when you fully completed the 1st game, you were able to use an ability that allowed you to carry your player and information to Mass Effect 2, you had to do it from a last save game file or a profile file or something like that.

What I need to know, will the Witcher 2 PC game have any ability to take your character from the 1st Witcher game to the 2nd, or will the Witcher 2 just be set up as a fresh beginning with just the previous story information added as past knowledge like in most other games.

I would also like to know for a friend of mine, that if he hasn't ever played the original 1st Witcher game, will he be able to play the 2nd game, with being able to learn about the storyline of things that happened in the original game, so he will know about the history etc.

I am contemplating buying him the witcher 1 as a gift, but I hope that he has the sense to buy it himself, as he has the money, he just wont buy the 1st one yet, but I have been providing him with as much information about the original game, to help him.

PS: Just one more quick question, does anyone know when the PC Steam version of the Witcher 2 be available to install and play, I heard sometime in May, but is there a particular Date set?

Thanks heaps for your help.

02-22-2011, 08:05 PM
I don't know all the details, but apparently you will be able to import your save file from the first game, with decisions made in the first game carrying over into the second and etc.

However, I imagine that as was the case with Bioware and Mass Effect 2, CD Projekt will be doing everything they can to make the sequel accessible to people who didn't play the original. Indeed, it would make no sense for them not to.

That's all I know I'm afraid.

As for availability, the game is due to release on the 17th of May in the US, Europe and Australia.