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03-13-2011, 04:08 PM
There really isn't a formal topic specifically designated for such a thing. Let's make one, shall we?


-Needs a bigger CBA map. Think Sand Fire's size, except about 50% larger. Fighting on a pirate ship or aircraft carrier would be wondrously awesome.


-That DotA mode in that other topic? Yeah. Do it.
-An Assault mode. For non-Halo fans, the objective is simple: get the bomb to the other team's base (or device that needs exploding that is curiously unsecured) and guard it until it explodes, taking you, the target, and everything else in the blast with it.
-Capture the Flag. Not because I like it, but because it's a classic.
-A tutorial. You can go one of two ways with this: make a mandatory tutorial along with an optional one for any vehicle, or an optional tutorial that levels up the player to 2 upon completion. Either way, I've had it with the moronic level 1s that join a game only to leave in the first five minutes.


Hoo boy. I've been whipping around a few ideas. Feel free to use or mutate anything I post here for future content. Anyone following my lead here, remember that it's the third ability that the Razor copies (Zero's Laser Net, Omega's Phase Shift, Firestorm's Combustion Cone, Vicious's Elasti-Trap, etc.).

-Ragnarok: Ranged destructor type, with technological damage. Fights primarily with swarms of tiny bits, taking Zero's drone reliance to the extreme. Abilities include:
--Construct Bit: Makes a bit, a small robot that orbits your vehicle and takes a potshot at nearby enemies for single-digit damage. Up to five can be made. Bits can and will be destroyed; their health is even less than the Zero's drone.
--Bit Swarm: Sends all bits at the targeted foe, each bit taking three shots at the enemy before flying back.
--Nano-Shield: Creates a shield for the launcher vehicle and all bits that prevents taking damage from abilities that do not specify a target, such as Colossus's Clash, Razor's Sand Chainsaw, or Zero's Drone Frenzy. Abilities that trigger on impact, such as Avalanche's Big Boss and Vicious's mines, and the Calamity's turrets, are unaffected. Nano-Shield notably costs a lot of energy.
--Laser Storm: The bits spin around the launcher vehicle three times, firing their laser outward, hitting everything around the launcher vehicle once per bit per orbit.

-Starburst. Repairer type, with technological damage. Focuses on area healing centered around itself. Abilities include:
--Repair Field: Generates a field around the launcher vehicle that gradually heals all allies in the field, as well as the launcher vehicle itself.
--Siphon Energy: Takes a second to inflict damage upon an enemy, stealing an amount of energy equal to the damage dealt.
--Energy Shield: Converts all damage taken for a time into energy damage at a 1.5:1 health/energy ratio. Can be manually deactivated, and shuts off if energy reaches 0.
--Starfall: Rains down meteors that explode in an area randomly in a very large area for a time. Each meteor does damage and heals allies for half the damage it would have done.

-Warlord. Constructor type, dealing physical damage. Focuses on team buffs by planting beacons that improve stats. Abilities include:
--War Beacon: Plants a beacon that increases the damage done by all allies' abilities in the area.
--Peace Beacon: Plants a beacon that increases the energy regeneration of all allies in the area in addition to increasing the amount of health restored by repairing effects.
--Battle Mace: Slams a giant spiked mace down in front of the launcher vehicle, inflicting damage and stunning the enemies struck.
--Aura of Pain: Creates a damaging cloud of steel around the launcher vehicle that follows the vehicle. Enemies caught in the cloud constantly take damage. The longer they stay in the cloud, the more damage they take.

These are just to balance out the vehicle selection so there's an even 3 vehicles in each class. Let me know what you think, everyone.

In addition, a few changes to vehicles already made:

-Omega and Pandemic's heals auto-target. That's fine, but they prioritize on distance, not severity. That's NOT fine. Make them target the most injured ally in range, not the nearest ally. It's too difficult in the middle of a pitched fight to patch up someone with Omega; too often someone already chock full of health rolls into range and takes the heal instead.
-Calamity's turrets. ARGH. Make then destroyable. Give them a bunch of health if you want, but please make them destroyable. If Zero's drone can die, why not the turrets?
-Vicious's mines. They're good, but not great, which is bad, as that's Vicious's primary offense. Perhaps an extra mine or just a little more damage per mine (like 85 instead of 70 on average) would be neat.
-Deluge still sucks. Make Blower do some real damage and kill the startup time on Prison; I've seen too many would-be Deluge users trap their teammates instead of the enemy. I like the concept of Deluge as a denial-of-area vehicle, but that doesn't quite justify making it crap in a fight, especially since Avalanche can knock around single targets much better while still being hilariously powerful up close. Speaking of...
-Avalanche's Homing Madness may be TOO powerful. Anyone mashing 1, 2, and 3 is set for a bunch of kills and supports due to Avalanche's ridiculously powerful AoE damage. Nerf the damage done by Madness by like 20-25%.
-Titan's life-draining robot could probably stand to deal a little more than just 5 damage. Toss the poor thing a bone, it's about as tricky to use as the Razor.
-Razor's hitbox on Flaming Blades could stand to be bigger.

Anyone else want to post something? Comments? Approvals? Criticisms?

03-13-2011, 05:18 PM
Omega and Pandemic's heals auto-target. That's fine, but they prioritize on distance, not severity. That's NOT fine. Make them target the most injured ally in range, not the nearest ally. It's too difficult in the middle of a pitched fight to patch up someone with Omega; too often someone already chock full of health rolls into range and takes the heal instead.
this, my friend is a good idea ive had that problem before
also I will say I like the map and new vehicle ideas but corection on deluge
ive used him a bit since the update and if used correctly with proper team support he can do great
i also like the no startup idea for prison it shopuld be instant
same with the calamities turrets the should be destroable
and ive had this complaint for a while
please have mercy and nerf Apoc's impact skill some
the cooldown is far too short
and possibly reduce the dmg of the missle
Avalanche's Homing Madness may be TOO powerful. Anyone mashing 1, 2, and 3 is set for a bunch of kills and supports due to Avalanche's ridiculously powerful AoE damage. Nerf the damage done by Madness by like 20-25%.
i will vouch for this having experienced extreme damage from that skill
it was beefed up a bit too much i say
i also have a vehicle upgrade suggestion
Bulldozers Barbed Bonds skill
i think its a little under powered doin 10 damage every few seconds
i was thinking something like incremental dmg and increased dmg if being impacted by the rain of torment
because for a tank he doesnt have very good offensive ability
feel free to comment and critisize

03-13-2011, 06:34 PM
Ideally, the thing behind Bulldozer is that it's supposed to stay in the fight longer by locking down opponents with shared damage. The problem is that if it's a 50-50 split between damage, that doesn't help if you tag, say, an Avalanche and a Pandemic. Now, if the target took full damage, any damage from Barbed Bonds would be a bonus, which would make the skill more useful.

I dunno I think it needs some clarification. Rain of Torment is fairly powerful as it is. Not nerfworthy, but it doesn't really need much help. However, I haven't played Bulldozer so I dunno, lol.

03-13-2011, 07:31 PM
well that is true actually yes
i also wanted to add something
id like to see a decent amount of new modules and situational skills
i am currently max level and still have many slots open in both catagories

03-14-2011, 12:17 PM
Couple comments. Firstly, Apoc needs a serious look, because right now, Nuclear Mushroom at 5 charges takes out not only Apoc's target but half the team in a crowded CTC match when there's a pitched struggle for the control point. Apoc's skills work TOO well together in conjunction and it's kinda getting crazy. Secondly, I've noticed the tanks aren't really that great at tanking. Bulldozer is the closest to an actual tank, being able to help allies survive by taking hits for them. Titan is bulky, but doesn't have much to help his team directly. The real oddball here is Colossus, who doesn't really belong as a tank. If anything, Colossus, with its Seismic Shock and Clash combo, is more of an Area Destructor. Interesting concept, but the point is that tanks don't tank well.

Also, a chat with shad_ashcroft got me thinking a little too hard, so I ended up thinking up even more vehicles. Let me know what you think; I may have made them a tad broken by accident.

-Echo. Ranged destructor with physical damage focusing on super-long range combat at the expense of anything else. Abilities include:
--Thunder Cannon: Fires an immensely long range shot that does good damage, knocks back, and stuns the target. Takes a long time to reload (17 seconds is about fair).
--Shockwave Mortar: Fires an explosive round a distance away from the Echo that does damage and knocks back and bounces all enemies hit.
--Armor Piercer: Fires a round that does damage and increases the damage dealt by all abilities on that target for a time.
--Speedy Reload: Subtracts two seconds from all abilities’ current cooldown.

-Virus. Tank with technological damage focusing on draining health and using it for its own purposes. Abilities include:
--Leech Tether: Fires a bot that establishes a draining beam between the two vehicles. So long as the target remains in range, the tether will drain its health and give it to the Virus.
--Viral Burst: Uses 25% of the Virus’s max health to do an equal amount of damage to all enemies nearby. The Virus can (and inevitably will) be KOed by using this ability.
--Infection: Takes a second to fire a beam that infects the target vehicle with a virus, continually doing damage to its health.
--Contamination: Infects the ground around the Virus. Enemies driving through the infected ground are infected with a weaker strain of Infection. Contamination’s infection stacks with Infection.

-Broadsword. Melee destructor doing physical damage that focuses on sweeping attacks that hit an area in front of it. Abilities include:
--Steel Splitter: Swings a blade in a 140 degree arc in front of the Broadsword, dealing damage to any struck.
--Sharpen: Increases the damage of the Broadsword’s next ability.
--Boomerang Blade: Hurls a blade forward a distance, which homes back in on the Broadsword after hitting its distance. Foes caught in the way take damage.
--Vengeance: Creates a shield that inflicts half the damage taken back to the enemy.

-Aegis. Tank type that does technological damage. Has no actual damage dealing capability, instead covering its teammates. Abilities include:
--Taunt: Makes the Aegis the target of all enemies that can target it, and locks the Aegis as that target for the next three seconds.
--Shield Aura: Creates a field around the Aegis that increases its armor and all allies’ armor so long as they are inside the field.
--Reflector: For the next three seconds, all targeted abilities hitting the Aegis are reflected back at their sources.
--Maintenance: Repairs the Aegis over time, but slows it down while repairing.

-Gorgon. Does technological damage. Exists entirely outside the current classes set up; the closest analogy is ranged destructor. Fights by inducing status effects in foes. Abilities include:
--Scrambler Missile: Takes 1.5 seconds to fire a fast homing missile at the target. A direct hit disables their HUD; no part of the interface is visible.
--Confusion Grenade: Fires a grenade that, on exploding, disables friendly recognition of all enemies caught in the blast. In other words, they can target and damage allies with their skills as if they were hostiles while the grenade’s effect lingers. AoE abilities do not distinguish between friend or foe while confused. Heals work as normal.
--Petrify: Fires a laser that stuns the target for 3 seconds.
--Steal: Takes all of an enemy’s beneficial effects, such as shields and damage boosts. Bonuses granted by being in an area (Safe Zone, etc.) cannot be stolen.

-Sylpheed. Does physical damage. Also like the Gorgon, exists outside the classes; melee destructor is the closest fit. Absurdly fast; focuses on using its superior speed to trip up foes. Not newbie-friendly in the slightest. Abilities include:
--Velocity Charge: Propels the Sylpheed forward in an instant, sending any foes caught in the way flying. The faster the Sylpheed is moving, the more damage is dealt by the attack.
--Afterburner: Increases the Sylpheed’s movement speed for a time.
--Trail of Flames: Increases the Sylpheed’s movement speed slightly, and causes the Sylpheed to leave behind flames that inflict damage on all enemies that pass through.
--Speed Force: Enables the Sylpheed to phase through vehicles, friend and foe, due to its speed. Velocity Charge still works as normal.

-Eclipse. Constructor type that does technological damage. Prefers to lay traps that have lingering effects upon being triggered. Abilities include:
--Tangle Trap: Drops a trap at the Eclipse’s location. Upon being triggered, the trap slows down the movement speed of any enemy passing through its area for the next five seconds.
--Overdrive Sphere: Creates a sphere that increases the rate of fire of all allies inside the sphere, and slightly reduces their cooldowns.
--Reboot Trap: Drops a trap at the Eclipse’s location. Upon being triggered, the trap removes all positive effects on enemy vehicles passing through, and does continual damage to any enemy still in the trap for the next five seconds.
--Sludge Grenade: Fires a grenade that, upon explosion, does damage and coats the enemy vehicles’ weapons in sticky sludge, rendering their mounted weapon unable to fire.

Keep in mind I'm a lot more clever than you think in terms of game balance. "Virus can murder groups!" Perhaps if it's used properly. If used incorrectly, you'll see noobs kill themselves when they try to spam Viral Burst. Just an example.

Oh yeah, make sure everyone spreads the word in-game to frequent the Steam forums. Feedback is good.

03-14-2011, 12:49 PM
Lichice, you must be an awesome planner in some big company earing big money to talk to some big guys :D
Love your ideas and how you put them.

03-14-2011, 03:29 PM
Amazingly I am not employed. You flatter me, truly.

So as not to waste a post, Tempest's Tesla Coil skill is out of hand. It needs a severe nerf; I just dealt over 300 damage in one shot, something no other vehicle, even the destructors (ESPECIALLY the ranged ones), can claim.

03-14-2011, 03:44 PM
but on the note of tempest that kind of damage can only be attained if the target is hit with tornado or hurricane first
without that then it only does up to like 170 dmg
but i think 200 something would be a more reasonable range

03-14-2011, 04:45 PM
ok so
comment on titan after patch
the massive shield has no slowing effect as it states in the skill description
other than that hes great :D
one more thing tho
freezing impact seems like it could deal more dmg
ive only noticed it producing 40s and maybe 50s