View Full Version : Demo isn't running

03-14-2011, 03:11 PM
Product Shogun 2: Total War Demo
Operating System Windows Vista

First, I want you to know that I am not English, so maybe I can't express myself clearly enough.

A few days ago I downloaded Steam on my Laptop. Then I downloaded the demo for "Total War: Shogun 2" with Steam.
Straight after the download, I did run the demo and played it for a while.
The only problem is, that my laptop isn't good enough to run the demo.
I deinstalled the Demo on the laptop.

So I went to my pc and downloaded Steam there as well. I logged in with the same account then the one on my laptop. Then I downloaded the demo again.
But when I klicked on the "Play"-Button, I came to the page for Shogun 2 on Steam. I tried again and again, but I was always directed to that page. I didn't manage to start the Shogun 2 Demo an my pc. I also tried with the desktop shortcut, but doing so I was directed to that page too.

Now I can play the demo on my laptop again, but I'm not able to play it on my pc, even though that is where I want to play it.

What can I do to run the demo on my pc ?

Kind regards