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03-19-2011, 04:13 PM
...Apricotslice; I was starting up a new Empire with Cycrows cheats (which has Slices Player HQ mods) and all was going pretty smoothly. I "cheated" the funds for a HQ and set it up in PE.
I had to run an errand that took me away from the game for about an hr. I didn't want to shut down the game 'cause I was having issues with saved games (more later). \
When I return, I check my assets and Low n Behold!!! My HQ has transformed into a Free Argon Trading Station!!! :D
I know I'm not crazy cause MY ATS has a paint shop!
And NO I didn't run seta while i was gone.
So, any ideas how this might happen? Gremlins? A stray piece of "purist code" ? :D

The saved game issues'.
I think I might know why i have them. I tried setting up an HQ earlier and then tried somke of the cheats to set it up. Specifically, the Add New Products cheat. I couldn't get it to work. I could "add" the products but when i docked a ts with said goods (shields, ore, etc,...) i couldn't get them to transfer...I figured i was doing something wrong and was going to research the problem and saved to that point.
I tried to load the save a day later and i get an error report saying," The game has stopped running...yada.." and closes up.
I have have since loaded saves with an HQ but without trying to work the cheats on it...
Anyways, i'm going to research how to use the cycrow mods and try again on a new start. Maybe it's just me :D

I put my new HQ right next to the tramsformer HQ and docked an Orca in it..I wonder if there will be an Earth Shattering Kaboom when I next log on...

03-28-2011, 08:06 PM
what did u do to create the HQ ?

simply creating it via the cheats menu wont work has it has special code to make it function correctly which the scripts cant enable.

if you do want to cheat in the HQ, u need to add the fab to one of your TL ships and then deploy it like a normal station

03-29-2011, 07:57 AM
Yes, anything created through Create Station is bound to fail. For one, it requires that the player select the product(s) and resource(s), while the actual factories are pre-set. Also be advised that, in the Add Station to TL menu, there are multiple Headquarters entries and selecting the wrong one can result in the problem you're having.

This is where the common suggestion to save any time before you place a station is highly valuable.