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03-21-2011, 01:42 PM
I run an Acer monitor and whenever I start this game, my monitor quickly switches to Input Not Recognized and stays that way until I use the task manager to cancel runner.exe or restart the computer. This is weird, because the game used to run fine and I didn't change any settings. I've tried reinstalling, and that doesn't work either. How can I fix this?

07-03-2011, 11:50 PM
OKAY I have the same problem as you, basically they tried to fix it by giving us a CFG file (also known as a configuration file) BUT they failed horiably, see if you have never played the game there is no CFG file, so there for the game does not create a file in C/DOCUMENTS and SETTINGS/(yourname)/Application Data/Bit.Trip Runner

If you look there you will notice no Bit.Trip Runner, here is the CFG file www.gaijingames.com/?p=1809 right click on the CFG file and save as (took me awhile I wasnt thinking :D"

BUT ANYWAYS im just like you, only way to get the game to work is to either plug into a bigger monitor and configure the settings in the CFG file by selecting it to open with NOTEPAD or WORD, and then editing it, mine would be

Resolution = 1680x1050
MouseSpeed = 0.75

so yea, I got excited because of the steam sale, and then got messed on this, its only 3 dollars so I dont really care, im getting a bigger monitor anyways.

BUT IVE learned always go and google "Default Screen Resolution for (your game)" so you dont get screwed when buying!

Hope this helped!:cool: