View Full Version : Empty server list on COD4

03-26-2011, 05:57 PM
Hey all, i recently bought COD4 from steam (i do have a non-steam version but i cant seem to find the disc so i decided to buy it off steam as its more convinient) i tryed to connect to a server but the multiplayer server list is compleatly empty, so after scouring the forums i found a topic with the same problem and tryed a solution off there, trying to connect to an ip adress of a server i had been on before back when i had a disk installed copy, i tryed connecting through adding it to my faves list and through the console command but neither worked, i got two error messages. One stated that i didnt have a CD code or something along those lines.

The other is the more likely cause of not being able to find servers and that is the server is running 1.6 (as is just about every other COD4 server) and i have 1.7 (as steam auto-updates)
is there any way for me to play online? how can i change it back to v 1.6?
I realy do hope i dont have to bloody find that disc or buy it for a third time becuase of steam :(

03-26-2011, 07:39 PM
There is a solution in about 3 other topics on the front page of this forum lol, so you can't have been looking too hard. Also, most servers ARE patched to 1.7; a decent amount of foreign (to me, I'm American) ones aren't though.