View Full Version : Perhaps a good design of metro lines?

03-27-2011, 06:05 PM
Perhaps this is, at least in some cases, a good design for metro lines. I've always been using this "technique" when building metro lines, and fortunately they all work well.

The design is to split a metro line (only apply to up-and-down lines, or "mirrored" lines, but not to ring lines) into several shorter lines, each serving about four to five stations in one direction. The advantages are:

1 The design is relatively defensive regarding blocking and jamming, in cases that the line has intersections with other lines, several trains waiting at the same station, etc. When one section is jammed, the rest will still function smoothly;

2 Since at the last stop trains unload all passengers, they usually have sufficient room for the waiting passengers along the line;

3 At each end of the sections, trains only use one platform. Two sections share the station seperately and don't block each other;

4 There are more room for passengers and also, the design require passengers to make more (but remember to keep the number reasonable) transfers, which brings in more fare income.

Try this?