View Full Version : The bug fixes Q

03-30-2011, 11:14 AM

Firstly loving EP3 so far but I was wondering when are the bug fixes expected?

I got accross the snow bridge but I keep encountering bugs in the set of battles after - benign things like music being dropped sometimes, but other times the script seems to stall. There is no autosave between the battles and so every time i've encountered of the more serious bugs i've had to start again from just over the bridge.

If the fixes will only take a week or two then i'll just wait until its patched but if its much longer I might just try and get through that part with 'brute force' by playing over and over until I get a runthrough with no bugs.

Also, when a game is on sale, is it the developers choice or Valve? Does Valve pay the difference in the latter case?
I only wonder cause of the rumors of financial troubles; I would have happily paid the full price for Ep3 and above. How many more customers does the discount pull in?