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04-04-2011, 11:14 PM
I made a thread like this in the official forums but thought I should get a broader response.
So the other day I downloaded the beta, played it, loved it and played it more. Then my dad wanted it without the 5gb download, so we brang it over to his pc and loaded it up. Now we started it up, entered the EA account info and jumped right in. Thing is when I went back to my pc, it said "someone else is playing at the moment" or something like that. So this got my worried about my Darkspore purchase, I dont really think its fair I pay $90 (AUD) and only I can play. It's my Dad, he is in my family, why not let me and him play co-op with eachother without paying $180/270 if my sis wanted to play aswell. Now I know this is kinda here to stop piracy but could we atleast have 3 accounts for the 1 disk. Isnt maxis the "family" game dev? Why not let me and my family play together. Ihave seen many threads saying this game isnt worht the money. I feel it is, but if that only entitles me to an account then maybe it is to much money. With spore we could all play, there was even an alternate account thing so my dad, my sis and myself could all have different names. Please Maxis, let me pre-order knowing I can have online fun with my family. Thanks!
Edit: I'm adding what I think could work.
You log in using the EA login, email + password, and then it pops up with your main account, then a sqaure with a plus sign in the middle. You can select the main account or you can press the plsu button and make an alternate account. There could be a limit, maybe 4, to how many accounts you can make. Although I think this is pretty pirateing secure. If "player1" brought the game, then gave "player2" the EA login(email+password) then "player2" could use any EA games "player1" brought plus they could select "player1's" account and change his sqaud and mess his whole game up ect. Therefore you would only give it to the couple of people you trust alot, in my case my family. Come on Maxis, I have been here for Simcity, Sims1,2,3, Spore, Spore GA, Creepy+cute, even ordered a Dr pepper from ebay for the spore code (I live in australia). Come on I want to play darkspore with my Family. Also DS players please don't just read this, if you dont have a DS forum account please make one to say this is a good idea. The more people the more likely Maxis will listen. Thanks, Maxis and everyone who replies

04-05-2011, 12:16 AM
Sorry but nearly all game are a one user license. As in, one account , one person, one user. You are leasing their game, you do not own it.