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04-24-2011, 07:39 PM
Ubisoft has a tradition for include voice recognition in their games (HAWX, Rainbow Six, End War).

Indeed few games so far use this feature. If you have a good cancel noise microphone or a X-Fi Titanium sound card with "Silencer" is a nice feature to control your teamates.

Well maybe of you didn't know that Vegas 2 supports some voice commands to control your teamates in single player.

The interesting fact is that manual don't mention it.

Steam version supports these languages:

You can find the commands in this folder:
<steam directory>\steamapps\common\rainbow six vegas 2\KellerGame\Content\VoiceRecognition

Are very limited the choices you can't order place a charge or "open and clear"

So far these are the commands (for US english) 6 in total
## Move-to orders
1000 Go Go Go
1001 Move There

## Hold orders
2000 Hold
2001 Stop
2002 Wait

## Regroup orders
3000 Regroup
3001 Follow
3002 On my six

## Assault orders
4000 Assault
4001 Weapons free
4002 Fire at will

## Infiltrate
5000 Infiltrate
5001 Hold your fire
5002 Return fire only

## Tagging
6000 Tag
6001 Target

Depending of microphone quality or pronunciation some will work better than others.

Those are which work better for me:
Move There, Wait, On my six, Infiltrate, Weapons free, Target