View Full Version : Massive JoWooD sale at GoG. Complete pack = 75% off.

04-27-2011, 11:11 AM
For a week every JoWooD is on offer. 60% for each game or the lot at 75% off. it's ~$25 for 13 games. They're advising everyone backup their games in case they're taken from the site. I don't think they would taken from people's accounts but they might now sell them anymore.:eek:


04-27-2011, 12:05 PM
At this point: I wouldn't buy any of their games - even if they were paying me to do so.

Toto pectore
04-27-2011, 12:55 PM
Some games were removed from GOG store in the past, but they are still available for users to download - in their accounts.

But GOG or Steam - none can guarantee you to keep a game in your account forever.