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05-07-2011, 11:08 AM
Originally posted by Narc on nineteeneleven.org forums

I would like to announce the start of a new Day of Defeat 1.3 league. DCN Day of defeat Competitive Network. Basically its a source league that branched off with a 1.3 division that I will be running.

Why a new league? Well with new teams and new players coming back to play and the most active the game has been in a while, I figured now would be the best time to try and launch a new league for 1.3. As Many of you know I have been with TPG for the past year or so, and I have nothing against TPG or RWC the head admin, In fact I discussed this with him and he felt it was worth a shot as well. I did make an attempt to try and get cevo back for 1.3 but I dont think they like us. DCN has contacted me about making a 1.3 division that I finally decided to say yes.

What makes this league different?

1. Better map rotation. I made a post asking what maps players would like to see played. I got some good feedback and listened to the players, I feel we have a decent map rotation. I added a player map vote for week4. By this I mean, Week 1 - Week 3, players can vote on a map that will be played on Week 4. However, if the two teams can agree on a different map , then they can play whatever map they both agree on. If they cannot agree on a map then the map that won the map vote will be the default map for that week.

2. Shorter Seasons. I will be doing an 8 week season, with no preseason matches.

3. Divisions, I will like to get a 4 division 1.3 league, Now this will only happen when the amount of teams allow it. My goal is to have open,main,invite and a pub divisions. Right now I will only have an open division until more teams join and we can separate skill. There is a big skill gap between open and upper teams, we really need a main division to help with that. But this will only happen when we have the right amount of teams. The invite division will be just that, invite. I dont plan on moving teams to invite to just fill the void, I want to keep invite teams only. Open and Main are pretty simple to understand. The pub division. This will be just for pub teams that want to compete on their level. They must have a public server to be able to play in this division. I am hoping this will bring more teams and players to the league and dod in general. At anytime that they wish to join open they will be able to. Like I said before this is just a goal and remains in the hands of the amount of teams we have.

4. Disputes, I have decided to release demos that are deemed "cheats" to the public. Meaning once a demo is deemed "cheats" I will release that demo on the forum for download. This will help with backlash caused from players against so called "corrupt admins" This is just one way right now that I can run a clean and honest league.

5. Anti-cheat client. Right now the source side uses cleandod anti-cheat client. I have not used this myself so I dont know all the pros and cons on this. I will be putting a team of testers together to try and come up with an agreement to use or not use this anti-cheat. As of right now, there will be NO anti-cheat being used. This is subject to change after the testing is done. I think I would be a nice feature if we can get it to work with out serious issues effecting game play. If you have any ideas or suggestions on an anti-cheat that works and we can use legally send me a private message on the DCN site. I am open to all suggestions.

6. This is your league. It is not possible with out you. I am a player also, I want to hear your opinions and ideas on making this better for you. Its a new league, so changes will come in the future future based on your opinions and views. I am hear to listen and help.

7. Media. We will be working with 1911 to continue 1.3 coverage, the DCN site also has a file uploader, for demos and movies. So if you have movies, upload them. I also have 1 player that will be making fotw movies every week, and another play that will be doing write ups, stats (top fragger, top flagger, most deaths ect). This will be posted on the DCN site as well as 1911 when possible. If you have any suggestions on what else we can add or that you would like to see send me a message.

8. There is also a free agent section on the site, this is for players looking for a team or teams that are looking for a player, It can be a good thing aside from a forum post. Just another feature the league has to offer. Along with the file uploader, no more uploading to a site and handing out a link, all files will be uploaded to site.

Matches will be Mondays 9est for default match time
Season is set to start 6/6/11

So get your team and yourself signed up.


Here is the DCN Staff as of today.

General Manager - Narc
Head Admin - Lerf
Media ( fotw movies) - Kaboom
Media (write-ups,stats) - Godlesscommie
Head AC - Schmiggs
Party Liaison - Sears

I am still looking for ac admins at least 2-3 more. So if you would be interested in ac work, send Myself, lerf or schmiggs a pm

I may be looking for one more admin as well. If your interested pm me.

I have lots of ideas for the league, it will take time to get some into play, but I will always be trying. So this is going to be a league that is built for all game play. For you. Thank you and check out the site and sign up!


btw the answer to the secret question is Competitive. With that cap.

If you are wanting to join a team go here: