View Full Version : Bit.Trip Beat Windowed Mode Mac

05-10-2011, 11:57 PM
Sohoho, I want to play bit.trip beat on my secondary display (no. i don't want to make my second display my primary by dragging the menu bar in system preferences > display > arrangements). For some god forsaken reason though, there is no (perceivable) way to move the windowed game to the other monitor.... yes, the mouse cursor is bound to the game, but one would think that if you tabbed out you could drag the window to the other monitor.. i've even tried using spaces to do it, but somehow the window just floats back to its position on the 1st monitor...

it simply makes no sense, what is even the point of offering a windowed mode if you can't choose your position of the window? /endrant

anyways, anyone have an idea for a fix? would be much appreciated