View Full Version : Does the physical edition have physical extras?

05-14-2011, 05:56 AM
All three "premium" versions seem to have the guide, music, etc, so the only thing really guiding my purchase at this moment is if the physical version is going to have hard copies of all this stuff, or if they will be digital files that get installed when the game does?

05-14-2011, 05:58 AM
I have my retail copy here, it was delivered today, and yes the map, papercraft things, pamphlet, game guide, manual etc are all hard copies.

You also get a cursed coin and the Bonus DVD and Soundtrack are on seperate discs in a seperate dvd case.

05-14-2011, 06:01 AM
look at this video:
http://www.gamestar.de/spiele/the-witcher-2-assassins-of-kings/news/the_witcher_2_assassins_of_kings,44750,2322913.htm l

In Germany for example there will be only 2 edition (no standard edition!). One is the premium editon and the other the collector's edition.

05-14-2011, 06:03 AM
physical version has physical objects like the artbook

05-14-2011, 06:11 AM
Thanks for the answers. I also just saw the Amazon gives $10 of credit, so that cemented me buying it there.