View Full Version : Level 7-2 bonding problem

05-21-2011, 09:37 AM
Either I've encountered a weird bug or I'm just being obtuse.

This is from level 7-2: No Stomach For Lunch:




When I try to double-bond my carbon atoms it says max bonds.

Nevermind - I think I figured it out. The three H atoms are counting against the bond limit.

05-21-2011, 05:54 PM
Ya, you have to remove both H atoms first in order to have the free bonds available to double bond the C atoms together. This one was a real bear.

A small hint is that you don't have to exactly match the image of the output perfectly. As long as you have the atoms bonded to the right other atoms, their position is not so .. fixed. It can have a different shape, it makes it easier when you do it that way.

05-21-2011, 09:18 PM
Just to be more clear, in case anyone doesn't understand... I wanted to try to explain better what I meant at the end, because it does seem as though the game (or at least some of the custom puzzles by others) count on you being aware of this for the purposes of solving some tests. Because trying to do so in the orientation they show can sometimes be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

When I first started to play, I was under the assumption that an output would have to go out on the very square shown in the picture by the output. And also, in the exact orientation and placement shown in the picture.

But it doesn't. I discovered this while looking at online solutions to earlier puzzles I had already beaten.

An example would be something like this. Let's say the game is having you make H2O. And they are showing the output as being "H-O-H". You could actually have the thing constructed in an L shape, instead of 3 in a row. As long as the two H's are bonded to the O with a single bond each, the game accepts it as a solution.

such as:


Now, when I first noticed this, it depressed me a bit. I thought it trivialized some of the puzzles. But as I said, I've come to see since then that some of the puzzles are insanely more challenging if you force yourself to output in the exact orientation and placement they show. And that it was possible to come up with much more elegant solutions if you didn't restrict yourself that way.

Also, the production assignment missions more than make up for it. On those you absolutely do need to worry about what square and orientation you output on, since you are inputing it at the next reactor, and have to know how it's coming in to deal with it properly.

And often it's actually a problem for me, and my anal ways.. because I will find myself frozen, unable to start a single reactor, for fear that I may later decide I wanted to output on a different square, or different orientation, or even a different pipe. So I try to plan things out as meticulously as I can, before hand.

So anyhow, I just hope to help some people find better solutions to their puzzles. You don't always have to go exactly by what you see in the picture.