View Full Version : am I the only one having problems with the way EQ screen is built?

05-21-2011, 02:49 PM
Hey all,

Just my 2 cents about the equipment menu - is it just me who finds it to be really awkward and hard to operate?

I can live with the list of Armor and all that, even though that you can't sort it by any mean (I mean inside the menus themselves) - but the ingredients screen is really messed up. I can never know how much ingredients I exactly have, or what exactly they contain, or what I need for my next potions. I just collected everything I could find from monsters I killed because I never knew exactly what was missing. In the first game it was tide up in a real neat way, everything in order, showing you exactly how much you have of each, weather it's a herb or essence of a monster.

Another annoying feature is that when you brew potions, you can't see directly in front of you how many of the same potion you already have - you have to break the screen, get out of alchemy and into drinking mode and only then check how many you exactly have.

Also, did it happen to you that you collected timber and oil and clothes like crazy, saw that you reached the maximum 250, started dropping it, and in the next area picked a crafting diagram that required 15 clothes that you just dropped, forcing you to go and look for more even though you just had it and didn't know you're gonna need it? There are simply TOO many ingredients/crafting items to collect and store, not to mention the swords, armors (which isn't just a single piece but a 6-pieces set) and misc stuff you need in order to operate on the daily-basis. (some might claim that some of the items weight 0.1 or 0.2, but with each armor needing sometimes 10-15 of the same items, iron pieces i.e, even the 0.1 stuff becomes a burden). Not to mention traps, bombs, long distance weapons.

Just wanted to share it with you guys and see if everyone is suffering from the same problems or maybe you have solutions that I somehow missed?

05-21-2011, 10:04 PM
yep, obviously no crafters/RPG'ers had any input to the design of this crafting/item system. and they have obviously ignored years of development in these systems that are used today, and just deleted them like being able to sell stacks or multiples of items, creating multiples or simple things like a Bank.

shame really that everything is awkward and over engineered but yet so very simple and non functional.