View Full Version : My concern on upgrading

05-25-2011, 01:35 PM
I've had TM Nations for a while now and when I saw the sale I considered upgrading. But this is my problem with Nations and why I hadn't upgraded earlier:

The "mid" and "high" difficulty tracks tend to be designed in a way that minor mistakes don't cause you to lose a little bit of time but instead cause you not to finish the race at all.

Do the upgrade versions still have this kind of level design? Because I find it very frustrating and not at all casual-friendly. I remember a few tracks where you had to race a 30 second stretch nearly perfectly or else you wouldn't have enough speed to make a jump/loop at the end of that sequence. The game simply stopped being fun once it got that hard. It's just bad design when you have to race at the gold medal level in order to even complete the track, and the gold medals are usually VERY HARD to get even once you know the level layout.

So basically, I'm asking if upgrading past Nations these problems are addressed or not. I know it enables downloading other people's tracks, but I'm not paying money to have the possibility of my issues with the game being addressed by other players' levels, I want to know what's actually provided in the game.