View Full Version : Suggestion for some Much needed content!

06-03-2011, 06:42 AM
Hey, i played beta and bought the game, i love it, granted it could do with some minor polishing, but its a good game none the less!

Heres my suggestion!

- Infantry deploying cover (like walls, tenches and stuff)

- A choice to play as the enemy AI team? there stuff looks cool. :P

- Prehaps more dense urban maps? with garrisonable buildings.

- prehaps an easyer map editor? sorry if it actually is easy.. but im no good with complex stuff >.<

- Prehaps unlock all the maps, i can see the idea but alot of people might not like all the maps being locked >.<

- Add An Ammunition truck, that can load up on ammo for infantry and vehicles in the field.

And thats all! Keep adding content and stuff! Like Notch does with minecraft! :D :D

07-02-2011, 02:30 PM
I liked having to play and get experience to unlock a map. I think choosing skin is a good idea.