View Full Version : If you are having issues setting keyboard bindings...

06-06-2011, 09:37 PM
I noticed I wasn't able to set any of keyboard bindings from the options menu and I was getting a little irritated. I decided to see if my Logitech controller would work instead but it didn't let my select keys to rebind either. I did notice that it had my gamepad buttons mapped incorrectly (i.e. the game thought X was my A, A was my B, etc.).

Then it hit me; I realized my non-360 controller may be the issue and it also now made sense why I kept seeing (B) back and (X) reset, (A) accept... I had been thinking maybe console port, seen too many of those lately :rolleyes: Unplugged my gamepad and all is fine.

Unplugging non-360 controllers may fix your issues.