View Full Version : Why I'm not buying

06-08-2011, 01:50 PM
Yeah yeah, you've seen all the posts already but here's another one with my thoughts of the game.

The game engine is somewhat impressive, it's not the best eye candy out there but it'll do for this kind of game and the performance was great. I was actually thinking that maxing everything would make my machine cry but it didn't - great work!

This game is quite fun - if you've never played Dungeon Siege before. I was actually expecting the old feel to the game where I start out as a nobody and could level up melee, range, nature magic, combat magic or even something new this time around. I went sad panda seeing that his had been left out of the game - why on earth did you do that? For me, that was a big part of what Dungeon Siege was and I loved leveling up my kind of style and get new awesome spells!

The controls in this game is also terrible, worst control design ever and whoever came up with that idea should be ashamed :rolleyes:.

A short summary: This game is a pretty average but I don't think it's worth being called Dungeon Siege, in my opinion.
I'm sorry but I was expecting Dungeon Siege and this ain't Dungeon Siege for me, so no buy here :(.

Good luck with your future games though!