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Pete the Geek
06-13-2011, 09:23 PM
I enjoyed the DS3 Demo. The combat system is different and the lack of health/mana potions offers a different challenge. The more modern settings and weapons (including guns) are a refreshing change in the fantasy genre. I found the story in the demo engaging and I played it all afternoon until the trailer video. I though the lack of save points in the limited-content demo was a little cheap.

As a PC gamer, I'm looking for a PC gaming experience, but most importantly I'm looking to be entertained. I understand that modern games are developed for multiple platforms. The controls in DS3 really show its console pedigree, but that doesn't bother me because they work and the game is a lot of fun. The camera wonks around sometimes but I can't say that it made a difference in combat.

I'm puzzled by the negative comments about the graphics. I thought they were great, particularly the scenery. I guess I have low standards due to my mid-1970s entry into computer gaming. I'm just happy to have graphics!

I do have some complaints. The character/inventory screens require too many button presses to close them. I think ESC should close the entire screen and another key should go back up the tree. Is it me, or do many of the characters have Russian accents?

I played the original Dungeon Siege when it came out. I enjoyed it, but it had a habit of splattering your equipment all over when you died and reequipping made the game tedious. Too bad, because the quests and party combat were rather fun. I seem to have missed Dungeon Siege II completely!

I went for the DS3 pre-purchase, figuring that DS1 and DS2 are worth $10 of the $49.99 price. Just for fun, I'm going to try the DS3 demo again with a Logitech game controller (that I haven't used much). I'm looking forward to playing the full DS3 with several different characters.

Did you enjoy the DS3 demo? Will you pre-purchase?

ETA: I couldn't get the Logitech Dual Action gamepad to work.
ETA: I figured it out. See my post below.

06-13-2011, 09:29 PM
Actually, I thought the game was fun. I can totally understand someone enjoying the game (especially people that liked BG DA or CoN). Unfortunately for me, though, I can't seem to look at the demo without feeling disappointment... So I had to cancel my pre-order. At some point I'll probably get over it and get the game after the price drops, though. Let us know what you think about the game after you beat it. =)

Pete the Geek
06-19-2011, 01:05 AM
I got the Logitech Dual Action game controller to work using the handy "XBOX 360 Controller Emulator" software. It seems DS3 only supports Microsoft controllers.

I download the emulator from this directory (http://code.google.com/p/x360ce/downloads/list). Just downloading the emulator zip isn't enough, it also requires the newer 32-bit xce360 library. Just put the program and updated library in the DS3 directory, run x360ce, then launch DS3 as usual. You'll know it is working because the controller support option will be automatically selected in the DS3 options menu.

There is no preset for the Logitech Dual Action, so if you want the config file I worked out for it, message me.

I'm not used to game controllers, but the game seems very playable with it. Moving/looting/interacting are all very natural with the controller. I was fumbling a bit in combat, but that is a matter of reviewing the documentation.

06-19-2011, 05:25 AM
I have never played a Dungeon Seige game before and rarely play RPG's but i really enjoyed the demo. I am still waiting for reviews to come in before i take the plunge.