View Full Version : info_particle_effects entity problem

06-13-2011, 11:11 PM

I am currently making a mod based from HL2:Ep2 and I am currently creating my first map. I am basically creating an outdoor stormy environment with thunder, lightning, cloudy skies, and heavy rain.

For the rain, I have been using a func_precipitation brush which would be the obvious choice! but it doesn't provide the map with any decency... it's pretty much cheap and doesn't look good... (e.g. no Rain splashes, simple sprites, etc.)

So, I looked around and I found something known as an info_particle_effect entity which apparently has the properties to produce decent rain! but the problem I am having is what the particle effect should be... Hl2:Ep2 has rain of course but it's tied with a whole pile of other stuff like mist.. and plus it's not heavy enough... However! I think L4D2 has a heavy rain particle effect, which sounds great! but how would I import that from L4D2 into my game? would it work.

Please help :(