View Full Version : HAWX 1: v1.02 - I Want To Be A Dirty Cheater!

06-16-2011, 04:55 AM
But not online in Multiplayer, natch!

Basically, I've owned the game since the original day of release; I've gained most of the Accolades legitimately, and played and played and played online both fairly, and pretty competently... and still only made it to Level 38 recently. And the rest of the way to 40 is an insane grind. Even if I make it there, I won't have access to the hidden DLC planes. I don't want to cheat online, or even have dodgy missile load outs offline... All I want is to have a little fun with the missing planes.

I have downloaded the "David" unlock profile, but then you hit the same issue; you need to grind to 40 again to get access to all of the planes. I don't mind having a separate profile (I can then go online with only the fair one) but doing the grind in what is basically still a buggy and now dead game just puts me off. So please, does anyone know of a way to boost a profile to 40? The editing of the XP script (or downloading a modified pak file from here on SPUF) just bugs every profile I try it with, including a fresh one, if done in v1.02. The trainers are all for earlier versions, and don't work with v1.02.

I know some of you may consider it underhand, but after 1,063,496 experience on my main account, I think I've done my time... :p

As an aside... I didn't buy HAWX 2; I waited for the reviews this time after being exceptionally frustrated with the shoddy matchmaking in HAWX 1. And I'm rather glad I did, as the game was abandoned equally quickly, and was even buggier than the first shockingly.