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06-19-2011, 01:02 PM
I simply LOVE this game.

If you compare it to other thrash released recently like D&D Daggerdale and Dungeon Siege 3. This game is way above that.

Had no problem playing coop with a friend. The graphics are good and the level-design is great, the secrets are fun to find and the action is great.

After a little tweaking the game runs very smooth on my PC, no problem there either. I did have a little bug where my char got stuck in a rock, but no game is perfect at release nowadays.

Just don't play this game thinking it will be an RPG with masses of loot and stuff... It doesn't even pretend to be, it's an action game and I really like it. If you play it that way it can be fun and rewarding.

I read alot of negative reviews on this game, but IMO there are far worse games you can buy nowadays.

Have a nice day :)

06-19-2011, 04:15 PM
This game is a game that reviewers love to hate, but players wind up letting the reviewers sit in their own stink and have fun.

For whatever reason, games like Hunted which harken a hack'n'slash lineage that traces back to the old Gauntlet series seems to put an ire rash on reviewers who didn't feed their Red Warrior. Unless a fantasy game which leans heavily on conceptual simplicity comes with "Red Portal Spell" and "Blue Portal Spell", they won't be happy.

Hunted is a solid hack'n'slash, co-op dungeon crawler that doesn't get old easily. Unlike Portal's 'I did that already' shelf life comparable to a half-gallon of milk, the Crucible feature at least lets you and a buddy slog it out through other people's custom gauntlets (or attempts at one), or even try to survive their buddies' attempts to ruin your day (while trying to survive it themselves).

I wouldn't advise the game if you don't have an aforementioned buddy to slog it out with, but if you've bought it already, enjoy!