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06-19-2011, 03:39 PM
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This video displays the greatest issue AVA has currently.

My friend and I both had one ping during this demonstration, which indicates that it was not "Lag" that caused this issue, but something else, most likely the netcode in AVA.

Issue was demonstrated in Practice Channel, which is supposed to be a Peer 2 Peer based connection, we were hoping the issue was the servers, but clearly it is the game itself.

This is what The AVA Community wants fixed. This issue was reproduced in this video at least a dozen times. Please show this video to your AVA technical department for analysis, or acknowledge that this is the issue you guys are working on fixing.

The Whole Community wants this problem fixed, from a competitive aspect and a casual aspect, this problem affects everyone. I Hope you find this video helpful in understanding what the problem is.

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quit ignoring game breaking glitches GMs -.-

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