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06-20-2011, 12:13 PM
Have anybody beaten the "Among the ruins" Bonus map on veteran??
- Having a HARD time just coming past lvl 10 with out loosing to many lives -.-

I mean, with the allies you could collect interesst, but with the Axis, it seems that there are way to little money or points to put in the desired towers.. I think that map goes beyound the other maps in being "balanced"..

If someone does get all the "badges" on verteran, could they please write what towers they took and where they started to place, screenshot would be helpful :)

11-03-2014, 09:48 PM
Old thread but some might find the answer useful if doing a search.

Yes it's a very difficult map for Axis but it can be won. You can even have a perfect round. But the strategy might not be intuitive. Here is a YouTube reference:


Funds: You don't need machine guns. Money will be tight so 3-star Repair. Max out cannons as this will be your primary "power" weapon. Use one upgrade on AA. Firestorm is your main slowing defense but only use one or two stars. You are better off spacing them out along the attack route than trying to upgrade or max them in one position. You'll waste money better spent on other upgrades. The video maxed the X-Weapon but didn't use max on the map so you can put one of those in Firestorm or AA. You might be tempted to upgrade Buy but it isn't worth it.


1. You don't need turrets for the first three waves. Just let it play out and collect funds. Otherwise you're accumulating unnecessary damage.

2. Sometimes on the fourth wave one or two may get through so put a Firestorm or two down the middle.

3. On the 5th wave you need AA and depending on where you place it you may need an upgrade. Use the rest of your funds to place Firestorms strategically along the attack routes, primarily near the top and middle. This is your early defense.

4. You should find there are areas near the top and bottom where turrets can defend two or three routes. Take advantage of that early on. Also some routes need more protection than others and you just need to observe and react as needed.

5. The first tough part comes on wave 8. You need about 3 Firestorms and three turrets down the middle, including one of each on the south of the canal to protect headquarters. Spreading things out works better than bunching or upgrading.

6. After wave 8 concentrate on strategically placing turrets and cannon and upgrading cannons to stop attacks on the three routes. Have a few assets near the top but since you get naval through the canal you need to start placing turrets just to the north of the canal. This will also be where you first place X-Weapons once you have some control and funds.

7. Remember to fund for AA and place them as near center as is practical. If convoys are getting through, first try upgrading Firestorm to slow or Cannon to damage.

8. Once you have things under some control you can add X-Weapons and continue to upgrade both Cannon and Firestorm. You're strongest defense should be the middle, then the left, then the right. But have some backup on the southern side of the canal to help with navel and with convoy elements that get through.

9. Eventually you need one or two X-Weapons along the south side of the canal but if your defense is set up right they will rarely be necessary. Upgrade the north side X-Weapons before the southern unless you're having trouble.

10. It may take a few tries but eventually you'll know where to place things. For the final wave you can fight off the bombers then sell the AA and repair turrets or add cannons.

That's about it. Enjoy your victory.