View Full Version : does it have spectator mode?

06-24-2011, 01:26 PM
i like to learn how to play games by spectating, and i also like to watch games recreationally, because i have chronic pain so i can't play that much.

does star ruler have spectator mode? is there a server browser? i googled this and there was mention of star ruler tournaments, but can anyone join and spectate the best players who are in these tournaments? is there a ladder to join? i guess the problem with spectators is that they could spy on a friend's enemy and give an unfair advantage. even if you mute them, they can still talk to their friend players on instant messengers or the phone. but lots of games have spectator modes anyway, so i hope this one does, too.

i'm trying to decide if i should buy this game for $5...

theres already threads asking if the multiplayer is active, so i guess i will keep watching those threads and not bother asking it again here...

i was really into sins of a solar empire but that game is not on steam... this game seems very similar tho...

Firgof Umbra
06-24-2011, 01:30 PM
There is a server browser, and you can spectate if the number of players is greater than the number of joinable Empires. You'll need to bug the server operator to allow you to emp_see_all 1 to see what's going on though. (requires sv_cheats 1 to be on momentarily)

You can also try the demo of the game out if you want to. The demo doesn't include multiplayer and some other things but otherwise has no restrictions; it's missing features but isn't time restricted or anything like that.