View Full Version : Bugs?

06-25-2011, 01:53 AM
Right now my biggest issue is whenever I go into multiplayer it displays it in widescreen, and since I don't have a widescreen monitor it's displaying in letterbox format, making everything tiny. I can see rockets/missles and doom rings, but not the plasma pellets... Which is a pretty serious issue.
Anyone know if this is normal and if there's anything I can do about it? Note it's only in multiplayer, the rest of the time it displays normally in my preferred resolution. The resolution my opponent/partner is using doesn't make a difference.

For the sake of listing them here's all the bugs I've noticed:

In the indexing tracks menu in the options menu, the second option (alt browser) displays the wrong descriptions saying it will clear all your unplayed tracks (same as the option below it).

Very occasionally in multiplayer (I'm guessing due to lag or something) I will get immortal dead snakes. They have been killed but rather then playing there blowing up animation they continue swimming around, more spasticaly... One actually had it's middle blow up and swam around broken in half. They can't kill you so it seems to just be a visual bug.

Some songs brake survival and boss rush. After they finish the next track doesn't start. This results in you having no gun effectively and then being unable to respawn when you die (in boss rush mode, in survival you can clear the screen and nothing happens from there). Since you can't respawn you can't loose all your lives so it never ends. All you can do is quite the song and loose your progress. Now it's always the same tracks for me that have the issue. That said I'm not sure if it's the track that just ended or the next one after it in the list that's actually causing the problem with the next one being loaded. This is the second most major issue I encounter (bar steam failing syncing a save file that's too large, but there are plenty of threads on that already).

I've said it elsewhere but stalkers grabbing/repulsing you while you are respawning is bit game braking. I'd say they reasonable balanced otherwise when you take the sheild/micromissles into account. Though it would be nice to see them in different formations.

I'll add more as I remember them.